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ETFE is a melt processable copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. It has the highest level of mechanical toughness in the fluoroplastic family, with superior creep and outstanding corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range up to 150°C (302°F). Typical applications include jacketing for aerospace wire and cable, architectural and aerospace films, cable ties for harsh environments, and injection molded parts requiring combined properties of excellent mechanical strength and harsh chemical resistance at high temperatures.

FRL Grade Applications MFR Range FRL Part #
HM Wire and cable, tubing, and film for extreme thermal, mechanical, and chemical environments. 1-4
MM Wire and cable jacketing, films, tubing, injection molding 6-10
LM Higher speed extrusion of wire and cable jackets, tubing, or film. 11-16
LMU Injection molding; thin-walled wire and cable our tube extrusion 20-30
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