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Providing Significant Cost Savings with No Sacrifice to Performance

Founded in 1991, FRL is committed to continuously advancing the application and reliability of these materials. Our products are recognized by our customers for being extraordinarily processable, consistent, and reliable for applications in the wire and cable, chemical processing, heat control, automotive, oil and gas exploration, and cast film industries.

We continually diversify our capabilities by understanding the changing demands of our customer’s products and processes.

We are committed to

  • Adding customer value by increasing the benefits of reclaimed fluoropolymers while respecting the entire supply chain
  • Continuous improvement  of methods to process reclaimed fluoropolymer materials from difficult supply sources
  • Finding uses for previously unreclaimable types of fluoropolymer scrap
Production floor

Millions of pounds of reprocessing capacity, manufacturing, R&D, and warehousing.

Our Customer Focus

We provide products and programs that benefit all aspects of a manufacturing business


  • Available Inventory
  • On Time Delivery
  • Same Day Shipments
  • Consignment Programs


  • Developmental Samples
  • Customer Specified Melt Flow Range
  • Underwriters Labs (UL) Qualification Support


  • Process repeatability lot to lot
  • Unique customer part and control numbers


  • Improve competitive positioning
Production Conveyor

Our Partners

Our partners allow us to extend global reach and expand product offerings for metals recovery, fluoropolymer restructuring, and compounding.

Cable Materials Inc. –
Cable Materials is a manufacturer representative specializing in material components for the wire & cable industry.

Prime Materials Recovery –
PMR is a world leading metals merchant and materials recovery company specializing in non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Polymer Service Group GmbH –
PSG (a division of Weber and Schaer) is a German distributor of high performance plastics and an authorized source of FRL products throughout Europe.

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