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Sustainable Solutions for End-of-Life Fluoropolymers

Partner with the Demonstrated Global Leader in Fluoropolymer Recycling

  • Recovery and management of contaminated components
  • Reintroduce reprocessed materials into supply chain
  • Establish a circular economic model
  • Augment availability of constrained raw materials
  • Enable carbon footprint reduction 

We provide high-quality recycled Fluoropolymers that serve as a perfect substitute for virgin products. By incorporating reprocessed materials into the production cycle, we increase the supply in the market, which in turn has a stabilizing effect on prices. 

Our innovative approach to recycling Fluoropolymers significantly reduces the quantities that end up in landfills.

These recycled Fluoropolymers offer exceptional performance for various applications within the semiconductor industry, and they come with an added advantage – savings that contribute to better financial and environmental outcomes. 

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