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FRL Named “Top 10 Advanced Materials Solution Provider” by Manufacturing Technology Insights

Fluoropolymer Resources

Offering High Performance Fluoropolymers

(as seen in Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Advanced Materials” Edition)

Founded in 1991, Fluoropolymer Resources (FRL) is the leader in melt fluoropolymer recycling technology and the preeminent melt fluoropolymer reprocessor in the Americas. Possessing unique capabilities for cleaning and restructuring even the most highly contaminated scraps, FRL supplies high quality reprocessed and prime virgin FEP, PFA, and ETFE for use in critical applications—across the chemical processing, heat control, petrochemical, oil and gas exploration, wire and cable, and cast film industries.
“FRL reprocessed fluoropolymers have properties comparable to prime virgin polymer. This enables clients to achieve significant cost savings without sacrificing production efficiency or the quality of their end product,” states Kevin Buchanan, President, FRL. “This is our absolute mission”
FRL focuses on recycling three types of fluoropolymers to address diverse client needs and save money for their businesses. FEP, a melt processable copolymer of hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluoroethylene,is widely used in hightemperature wire and cable insulation, plenum-rated data cable insulation, cast film, and tubing, to name a few.
PFA, a tetrafluoroethylene-Perfluoro copolymer, used for high-temperature wire and cable insulation, cast film, tubing, and injection molded parts used in harsh chemical environments.
ETFE, an ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, typically used in aerospace wire and cable jacketing, architectural and aerospace films, harsh environment cable ties, and injection molded parts.
By leveraging its proprietary technologies, FRL recycles these polymers from various scrap materials and end of life parts and products. Ralph Marcario, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, notes several key factors that distinguish FRL from its competitors. “Our ability to clean and separate dissimilar materials and return a high performance, consistent reprocessed product on a large scale is at the heart of our value proposition.” The company features unique technology that returns reprocessed materials to a color and clarity indistinguishable from that of virgin resins, allowing their products to be used in many applications traditionally unserved by reprocessed fluoropolymer resins. FRL has innovated proprietary methods for automated separation of clean FEP from copper-based data cables, allowing them to provide the end market with a reusable, high performance, cost saving, addition to the global data FEP supply.
FRL conducts comprehensive tests on scrap supplies to determine their suitability for a high quality reprocessed material, eliminating every possibility of contamination in the final offering before large volume production. The rigorous testing conducted by FRL’s Quality Assurance Department ensures the highest levels of stability in fluoropolymer raw materials to meet the demanding quality requirements of customers. The company’s focus on quality and consistency allows them to maintain very tight tolerances in their finished product. This in turn enables clients to adhere to strict standards and manufacturing methodologies, thereby achieving maximum efficiencies in their own production processes.
FRL is devoted to creating customer value by maintaining the integrity of the whole supply chain and continuously improving ways for processing reclaimed fluoropolymer materials from diverse supply sources. To further enhance its portfolio, the company has signed an agreement with Everflon Fluoropolymers, a Chinese fluoropolymer manufacturer. The company is representing Everflon as their exclusive authorized distributor in the Americas, and European markets.
The continuous focus on quality and innovation and the urge to serve clients better have enabled FRL to grow rapidly. The company believes that in the foreseeable future as well, it will be able to stay on that growth trajectory. “The unique processing capabilities that we possess allow us to provide the type of cost saving and performance combination that will continue to bring extraordinary value to our customers,” concludes Marcario.
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