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FRL continues our commitment to technical innovation using well defined and controlled plastic reprocessing capabilities, enabling-

    • On time Product Delivery
      meeting unique customer specifications
    • Flexibility adjusting to shifts
      in market supply and demand variations
    • Greater than 2MM lbs. annual capacity
      of reclaimed fluoropolymer plastic
Gaylord of Grind

Our industry leading capabilities include ultra-clean plastics reprocessing innovations.

  • Removal of Silicon Oil and Other Surface Contaminants
  • Cleaning Material to Less than 12 Micron Particle Size
  • Fluoropolymer Plastic Identification
  • Melt Filtration
  • Proprietary Inspection for Contamination
  • Automated Separation of Dissimilar Plastic
Segregating Plastic
Segregating Plastic
Sorting Scrap with Grinder
Unloading Cleaned FEP
Unloading Cleaned FEP

The photos below show at 20x magnification how clean our product is after treatment. 

Before and After Cleaning
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